Mar 1, 2022

Please help Ukraine

Please join non-military resistance against Russians and Russian businesses. It does not need to be a top-level decision: if you are doing support – de-prioritize support tickets, if you are processing payments – delay them by one day, if you are writing an email mention “Russian warship”

Right now Russians in RF are living as if nothing has happened, while Ukrainian civilians are being bombed, and while Russians in diaspora are posting #no war and broken heart emojis their silence and cowardice for years has enabled Putin

The war in Ukraine is not a meme, is not a trending hashtag, but a real country where civilians are dying. Please don’t “thoughts and prayers” but do something – and donate to Ukrainian resistance

Feb 25, 2022

Re: Ukraine

 As I am sure all of you know Russia has began a full scale war against my home country Ukraine. Please make no mistake - Putin's goal in not to stop the expansion of NATO, not to install puppet government, and certainly not to bring peace. The goal is genocide of Ukrainian people. 

When Ukraine was under Russian communist occupation, Russians started off with killing of political leaders, repression of Ukrainian language and traditions - including prohibiting people from celebrating Christmas, and then wide-scale murder of millions of Ukrainian civilians.

We already starting to see this today: Russians say they are conducting surgical strikes, but there is already numerous witness accounts and video evidence of Russians targeting civilian hospitals, kindergartens, and bomb shelters.

Please: there is very little time - if you are reading this make a phone call to your government representatives and ask to sanction Russian federation in absolutely any way possible, and provide military aid, financial aid, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including establishing a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Please just do this little thing to give us a fighting chance.

For me, for my 16 year old sister, my teenage nephews, my cousins, my aunts and uncles - we are in grave danger - please call on your governments to act quickly and decisively. 


May 24, 2021

I Am Not Buying Until Elon Is Crying

What I see in the market right now is deleveraging and and taking the risk off pretty much across the board. However at these levels the new market entrants ( and new whales like Microstrategy and Musk ) who bought in the mid-30s are getting nervous and uncomfortable, but still have not capitulated. But if markets head lower from here, we will see a real capitulations and BTC will likely head to below 20. That will be a good dip to buy! 

So, to summarize, this is not a fundamental analysis, this is not technical analysis, this is my speculation on peoples emotions - right now is not the dip to buy, it is too early. Wait until the whales start puking and buy at 20 !

May 17, 2021

BTC Funding Rate Turns Sharply Negative

As of this morning following the market selloff BTC-perpetual funding rate, aka basis, turned sharpy negative after trading in green for the last 1/2 year. From the chart below it looks like breaking 44K level triggered the decline, and this can signify a major shift in investor sentiment. This can also possibly be an end to both general crypto bull market, and also dampen DeFi projects since their performance correlates to volatility and funding rates.