May 1, 2012


iPath - the leading provider of volatility ETNs is launching two new products in Canada - currency-hedged version of US VXX and XVZ ETNs. To confuse things, the tickers for the ETFs will be VIX (for VXX equivalent) and DVX (for XVZ equivalent) The products provide a transparent way for investors to capture volatility curve alpha while minimizing currency risk. While these particular products are not really that important, I hope that iPath will give US-based investors access to currency hedged versions of VSTOXX-based ETFs that currently trade in Europe, or give European investors currency hedged versions VIX-based products.

VIX prospectus, Fact Sheet, product page.
DVX prospectus, Fact Sheet, product page on iPath website.
I have also added the products my Volatility ETFs & ETNs page.

P.S. 3-May-2012 Added VIX:CN Info

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