Nov 20, 2013

F# In Finance & Big Data In Finance

Two excellent events Andrew Sheppard of Fountainhead (and HPC & GPU Supercomputing Meetup)

F# in Finance (London)

 If you are a functional programmer (even in a language other than F#, such as Haskell, Scala, Clojure, Ocaml, Erlang); or a quant, trader, risk officer, Big Data programmer, Data Scientist, software development manager, or anyone who wants to get more done -- and done better -- with less code:
  • Come and see how F# is being used in finance for Machine Learning, Parallel Programming, Big Data and the Cloud. Plenty of lessons at this event for programmers in other functional languages.
  • The event is also hosting a recruitment fair for functional programmers. Whether you are looking for functional programming talent, or looking to break into functional programming as a career move, this event is the place to be.
  • Meet Don Syme, inventor of F#! 

The second event is Big Data In Finance MOOC. There are two tracks - no cost open access, and a paid professional access which provides deeper learning experience and also a certificate from Baruch college. Several practical projects are covered:  CVA (credit valuation adjustment) which Dr Sheppard has extensive experience, Data Mining & Machine Learning using Hadoop, and Building a Look-Ahead (Predictive) Ticker Plant. 

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