Oct 31, 2015

Some Vol Funds News

FINalternatives reports that recent large trades in crude may be linked to liquidation of Blueshift Energy Fund. New-York based fund had a strong start, returning 15% in its first 7 months of trading in 2013, and 9% in 2014. According to most recent fund data, the fund was managing $170M but had a difficult year, losing 8% in March, and being down more than 9% this year.
FINalternatives article. Fiscal times article

Blackheath Volatility Arbitrage Strategy is also apparently closing out - the fund information was removed from website leaving other two funds. Funds performance has been rocky - it lost 4% in 2013, 5% in 2014, and is down 23% for 2015.

True Partner Capital is expanding, and planing to open US office in Chicago. Hong-Kong based volatility fund profited from the turbulent markets 2 months, up 15% on the year according to recent bloomberg article. The fund was recently a winner of AsiaHedge 2015 award in the market neutral and arbitrage fund category.

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