May 16, 2016

Global Sigma Interview

Short interview with Hanming Rao, founder of Global Sigma Group, one of the more successful volatility programs.

Since its inception in 2009, Global Sigma Plus Program realized 14% annual returns, with shape of 2.5+. More recently they started AGSF program in 2013, with similar returns, with sharpe of 1.6, and BondVOL program that started just a year ago.

Dr Rao highlights risks and opportunities in short-term options, and his approach to trading, where he tries to predict both short-term movement and volatility. I want to add that in my opinion systematic trading of weekly options is not for amateurs. Gamma risks are very significant, and even highly experienced trader like Dr Rao stumbled last year on volatility spikes.


  1. Anonymous5/26/2016

    Hi. I have been reading your posts and thanks for the news and comments that you have been sharing since such a long time.
    I'd like to get your opinion about an issue. How can we increase the liquidity of futures contract linked to an underlying of country-specific volatility index. I am asking for your comments from an exchange employee who are working on calculating and launching a future product.
    What are the criteria to have a liquid future contract linked to country specific volatility index?
    I'd be happy if you share your insightful comments.


  2. Isn't he just selling 5-10 delta options equivalently? He was brave and lucky thanks to the QEs:-)