Jun 25, 2020

Deribit Extreme Put Skew

I am watching Deribit, and 8000P expiring in 11 1/2 hours is 0.0005 bid for 100 contracts. This just ticked to be 200% vol. While we've seen these levels back in March, that was then. Either someone is really nervous about almost 1300 point drop, or forgot that they have an active order and went to sleep :)
And ... it did not last too long, I think someone was also watching this strike vol creeping up and as I was writing the post lifted all bids on the line.

Update: 7.5 hours left, and buyer is back with 600 contract bid at 250% vol. What is going on? Does someone knows something others don't?  Is someone forced to hedge margin? There certainly not many sellers left.

Update: And the contracts traded; markets @ 0.0005 x 38
Final update: Expired far far otm. 

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