Mar 23, 2011

Gold VIX (GVZ) Futures

As CBOE announced earlier the launch of futures on GVZ for this Friday - March 25th, however recently CFE issued a memo about extending the deadline for LMM program for futures until May 2nd. I assume that not many, or most likely no one stepped up to the LMM role because of the previous failures of volatility products like Russell,Dow, and Nasdaq volatility futures, as well as failure of CME to attract liquidity to their GVX Gold VIX futures. However I don't think that the launch of futures will be postponed until later date. Unfortunately, there's probably won't be any liquidity in the contracts until someone steps up into LMM role.

According to CFE 5 contracts will be listed:

Symbol Last Trading Day Expiration Day
GV K1 MAY 17 2011 MAY 18 2011
GV M1 JUN 14 2011 JUN 15 2011
GV N1 JUL 19 2011 JUL 20 2011
GV Q1 AUG 16 2011 AUG 17 2011
GV U1 SEP 20 2011 SEP 21 2011

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