May 2, 2011

Using New Volatility Products

EDIT: This event has been moved to May 27th 26th!

There is a meetup event in New York tomorrow focused on volatility ETFs. I have never attended these events, but this one looks really interesting and I'm going. 7 pm, ISE buiding at 60 Broad St., 26th floor New York, NY

From the event's description:

“It is no longer a VIX centric universe. Large banks are pushing vol products that are trying to capture the attention of options traders. Those products include VXX, VXZ, XXV, Volatility SKEW index, and others. How can we use them?”

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  1. Very interesting. I am delighted to hear that there is sufficient interest in these products to generate an event. While I am on the wrong coast and will not be able to make the event, I would love to hear from you about the details