Please help Ukraine

Please join non-military resistance against Russians and Russian businesses. It does not need to be a top-level decision: if you are doing support – de-prioritize support tickets, if you are processing payments – delay them by one day, if you are writing an email mention “Russian warship”

Right now Russians in RF are living as if nothing has happened, while Ukrainian civilians are being bombed, and while Russians in diaspora are posting #no war and broken heart emojis their silence and cowardice for years has enabled Putin

The war in Ukraine is not a meme, is not a trending hashtag, but a real country where civilians are dying. Please don’t “thoughts and prayers” but do something – and donate to Ukrainian resistance

Weekly market report

Wall st delivered a mixed bag of news with VIX, VNKY, and VSTOXX and their underlying markets almost unchanged. VXD - volatility index based...