Dec 19, 2010

Week in Volatility

While stock and volatility indexes remained choppy most of the week, VIX took a beating on Friday, declining from already technical low of 17.50 to 16.00. I am sure that part of the decline is to be explained by lowered trading activity around holidays and non-trading days (VIX is calculated in calendar days, making it low biased) however that does not explain the whole story - for example VSTOXX that has similar calculation and holidays actually rose on Friday. So I will do some cross-asset comparison: GVZ - gold volatility also dropped on Friday to a new low, MOVE index that is tracking interest rate volatility is at 1-year high, JPMVXYG7 index that tracks implied volatility of G7 currency options is somewhere in between its 1-year high and low. My forecasts (and my trading positions) are for VIX to increase in price.

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