Volatility and Price of a Straddle, Are They The Same?

Yesterday I found another piece of ignorance on Medium: Stop Watching The VIX, Just Make Your Own

tl;dr : Just use ATM straddles 🤦

This is of course not correct. As I have written before on this blog that (skipping mathematical rigor) the value of ATM straddle is

or about 80% of the expected volatility. So if SPY = $400 and VIX = 20, the expected volatility is $400 * 20/100 = $80,  then 1 year ATM straddle would be about 80% of $80 ~ $64

Alternatively, if you see a straddle, you can approximate expected volatility dividing by 80%. For example SPY ATM straddle for 2022/11/18 expiration is about $25 . The expected volatility for November expiration is $25/0.8 ~ $31.25

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